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Jun 17, 2022, by Eric

Twenty twenty two
Itís June seventeenth today
And this siteís still here

Jul 31, 2015, by Eric

My first haiku here
Is now almost twelve years old.
It's a piece of crap.

Unfocused Rage
Aug 15, 2014, by EastCoastCanuck

Haiku's suck ass
They really aggravate me
Mathematical crap

Jun 20, 2011, by Strongit

Happy in the pants
This site makes me a bit moist
It's still fucking here.

Mar 1, 2011, by agomi

I am solid gold.and when I open my mouth,solid gold pours out.
Dec 24, 2009, by Eric

It's the holidays
But I still never want to
Wear a Santa hat

Crippling Loneliness
Sep 27, 2009, by Chris

So much love to give
No woman to share it with lonely...

Jun 10, 2009, by Strongit

What? This site's still here?
Holy crap! I love Haikus!
5-7-5, bitch.

Anonymous, Have Some Balls
Aug 9, 2008, by kathy

I'm not a Haiku champ,
so fuck you and your mother.
The middle is correct.

Ode to the Freezie
Aug 4, 2008, by Strongit

Freezie, I love you
You are so tasty and good
Cold, sugary stick

Aug 4, 2008, by Anonymous

There once was a man
from nantucket who's - oh wait...
Wrong poem type...damn

Reply to Morning Time by Kathy
Aug 4, 2008, by Anonymous

That is not how to
properly write a Haiku.
You lose! Good day, sir!

Monday, the Lament of a Helpdesk Agent
Aug 4, 2008, by Strongit

calls, calls, and more calls
my head's about to explode
make the stupid stop

Morning Time
Jul 14, 2008, by kathy

Let us fuck right now,
and call it the breakfast
of noncommittal champions.

recording equipment
Jun 14, 2008, by Tudor

microphone, headphones,
amplifier; and the wind -
roaring through circuits

A Retort
May 24, 2008, by kathy's friend Shakeel

chalk bombing dusty air,
why stop at human figures,
try ducks, seals, trees, JESUS!

A Dusty Imprint
May 23, 2008, by kathy

Sidewalk chalk rocks!
Leaving on pavement a residue
of mangled bodies.

Memo: It's not winter anymore.
Apr 4, 2008, by Carmen

I think I've had it,
The snow needs to fucking stop.
Suck it Montreal.

For 20 Minutes This Afternoon
Feb 26, 2008, by Carmen

I contemplated
How cheaply I could survive,
Off of steel-cut oats.

Jan 16, 2008, by Anonymous

What are you doing?
I don't want to look at that!
Put your pants back on!

Jan 16, 2008, by Foz

Hey you Big-a-boy
Why you no eat vegtable
Oh you are so big

Jan 16, 2008, by Strongit

sitting at my desk
making some stupid poems
I'm paid by the hour

It fits perfectly
Jan 16, 2008, by Strongit

your mother was a
hamster and your father smelled
of elderberries

Jan 16, 2008, by Strongit

this page is quite old
I'm the only one writing
I feel so alone

Jan 16, 2008, by Strongit

sometimes poems suck
other times they are ok
this is the former

A Haiku 2U
Oct 16, 2007, by JT

if i win money
in a radio contest--
hookers and blow, man

carmen leaving #1
Oct 16, 2007, by Tudor

carmen vicente
three haikus, all ending with
this is a haiku

carmen leaving #2
Oct 16, 2007, by Tudor

carmen vicente
your name has 5 syllables
this is a haiku

carmen leaving #3
Oct 16, 2007, by Tudor

when saying goodbye
my people use poetry
this is a haiku

Smoke Pot
Sep 12, 2007, by I Know

cocaine all day long
will often interfere with
good sex with your wife

Can opener
Dec 7, 2006, by Mel

Sometimes I wonder
"Where is my can opener?"
What? Why is it THERE?

date test
Aug 1, 2006, by Tudor

Check, check, 1, 2, 3
Is this thing on? WTF --
This'd better work.

Damn, damn, damn
Jun 10, 2006, by No Date, Helina

Date was typed but once
I swear it's really quite true
But look below you!

The outside world is quiet
Jun 10, 2006, by June 10, 2006, by Helina

Rock rocked out to left
Above banging piano
Outside is silence

Mar 31, 2006, by brenda

the l'il man mustered
courage to play fisticuffs
with the leprechauns

Feb 16, 2006, by Solario

Parfum dulce de tigara
cannabis fumega-n abis
in extazul unui vis
bungee jumping fara sfoara

A sad day...
Nov 29, 2004, by Eric

He ate, barked, and crapped
from 'eighty-five to ought-four;
Rest in peace, Radar.

It's been so long...
Oct 4, 2004, by Eric

October the fourth;
Quarter after six P.M.;
I wrote a haiku.

Waiting for the callback
Apr 19, 2004, by Tudor

Reports indicate
Cherry blossoms are falling,
But I'm stuck indoors.

Ode to the apartment
Dec 6, 2003, by Paul

A door and a floor
Includes no heat or no seat,
Stupid dead rodent

The computer lab gang
Nov 30, 2003, by Em

dulling minds, cold drafts
constant hum of the machines
crazy - relative

Not this Yogi
Nov 24, 2003, by Eric

Pick-a-nick baskets
Stolen from Jellystone Park;
Go get the trank guns.

Which Yogi?
Nov 21, 2003, by Tudor

Those who can code, code.
Those who can't, vociferate.
The Lotus is pruned.

Ode to Yogi
Nov 20, 2003, by Eric

Tudor's Haiku Page?
No one goes there anymore;
It's far too crowded.

Haiku for Ardeshir
Nov 8, 2003, by Tudor

Basically, blah, blah,
blah, and so on and so forth,
On and on and on.

MSN group chat
Oct 30, 2003, by Tudor

8 hours to go
Soft. Eng. midterm study group
The cheat sheet grows large

Oct 29, 2003, by Eric

Haiku success rate
Is seventy-nine percent;
That's still a B plus.

Oct 29, 2003, by Eric

Alas, I can't count;
Used to be so good at math -
Not poetry though...

Oh, shame!
Oct 29, 2003, by Eric

Bitter, cruel irony;
Hoisted by my own petard -
Man, that sounds painful.

Don't be such an ass
Oct 29, 2003, by Tudor

I didn't, for one,
point out that your first haiku
was quite imperfect.

Error! Error!
Oct 29, 2003, by Eric

Look three haikus down,
Tudor made a big mistake!
"Funk-shi-on"?; Nice try!

Haikus are easy!
Oct 28, 2003, by Tudor

1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 5 6, crap
1 2 3 4 5

Oct 28, 2003, by Tudor

Fuck "Joy of Cooking"!
"presoak for one day", my ass!
I'll just make some toast.

The sometimes intractable problem of escaping special characters programatically
Oct 27, 2003, by Tudor

The transformation
Has no inverse function.
I hate this program.

Repeat the mantra after me
Oct 27, 2003, by Em

"Nothing goes away"
Oedipus and Electra
always portable.

Oct 26, 2003, by Jess

a mistake was made
poem is two syllables
I apologize

Oct 26, 2003, by victor

rumi wrote haikus
with butterflies and bamboo
he turns in his grave

Oct 26, 2003, by victor

i'm a corporate whore
egregious advertising
rears serenity

The soup's been in the fridge for a while
Oct 24, 2003, by Tudor

Putrescent fuzzy
semi-sentient detritus
it wasn't half bad

Celebrity Jeopardy
Oct 24, 2003, by Eric

"Suck it long and hard";
"I Garfunkled your mother";
Trebek hangs his head.

Oct 24, 2003, by Eric

Beautiful sunset;
Golden aurora of light-
Hey, is that a dog?

Oct 24, 2003, by Eric

Eighteen-year-old dog...
Missing his owners greatly;
Feces everywhere.

Stupid Haiku
Oct 24, 2003, by Tudor

Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh
Nuh nuh nuh -- nuh nuh nuh nuh
Nuh nuh? Nuh nuh nuh!

For Jess
Oct 24, 2003, by Greg

Strumpet or crumpet
what did you do at bandcamp
with your brass trumpet

Thought patterns of CFOX Listener
Oct 24, 2003, by Greg

Damn the man damn damn
The man the plan the canal
damn damn damn the man

For Greg
Oct 23, 2003, by Jess

The last poem I wrote,
It was about your mother!
Whores have their drawbacks...

Ode to 18th Century Disease
Oct 23, 2003, by Jess

Unexpected rash...
Consummate, dissembling Whore!
Duped by a strumpet.

Will Power
Oct 23, 2003, by Jess

Damn distracting page!
No haikus for me tonight.
You write poems, I'll work.

Coronation Grapes
Oct 23, 2003, by Em

Waxy bulbous fruit
cover my porch in purple;
goodness in my mouth.

Oct 23, 2003, by Tudor

Six in the evening:
Window bathed in sunset light,
I read books online.

Haiku for Em
Oct 23, 2003, by Tudor

Communist T-shirt
your scent lingers on -- my plan,
sadly successful.

Haiku for Jess
Oct 23, 2003, by Tudor

Forgotten peaches
on my fridge -- I will give them
to your mom tonight.

Unreasonable Tautology
Oct 23, 2003, by Eric

Around and around;
Two constant radii;
Perfection attained.

This Page
Oct 22, 2003, by Tudor

I made this quickly
It is very delicate
Please write proper haikus.